American Highway
Carriers Association


Introducing our newest vendor…

Goodyear Tires

American Highway Carriers Association is happy to announce a partnership with Goodyear Tires to bring an extensive tire program to membership. This relationship will enable you to reduce operational costs and downtime by gaining access to Goodyear's most advanced tires at a preferred price. As part of the benefit of this partnership, you are eligible to become a member of Goodyear's Preferred Fleet program which will help you to be back on the road with:

  • 24-Hour Goodyear® Fleet HQ® service
  • Consistent nationwide pricing and service
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Elimination of out-of-pocket expenses at time of service
  • Premium Goodyear tires and retreads
  • Local Dealer billing
Becoming part of the program is easy. Simply
  1. Contact your local Goodyear authorized dealer and establish a local credit line.
    - For a list of dealers in the area please visit; or
  2. Hand your dealer a copy the price list where your approval # is listed.
    - Once relationship with dealer is established and they have your member pricing on file, conduct business as usual.

Road Service outside local area.

For Access to Preferred fleet for National over the road service, request your local dealer to enroll your company in the preferred fleet program. You will then be assigned a fleet number which will identify you in the dealer network. Before pulling into any dealer or truck stop for service, be sure to Call Goodyear Fleet HQ and request them to clear you to receive service, otherwise delays may be experienced as well as billing issues.

AHCA is not responsible for payments on this program. Each AHCA member is ultimately responsible to keep a local credit line in good standing with the Goodyear servicing dealer, if the account is past due, no services or tires will be provided through the Goodyear Network.This program is not open to the general public, it is exclusive to AHCA members. Members can enter their unique AHCA Member Number below to see all the details.

Click here to login and view program details and pricing: Call AHCA for user name and password or enter your unique AHCA member number below to reveal the user name and password



  • • OPTIMIZED WEAR-RESISTANT TREAD COMPOUND for extra-long miles to removal
  • • DUAL-LAYER TREAD with uniform stiffness for slow, even wear
  • • PREMIUM RIGID CASING CONSTRUCTION for consistent footprints and maximum retreadability
  • • ADVANCED SIDEWALL COMPOUND helps lower rolling resistance and promotes fuel efficiency for SmartWay verification
  • • PRESSURE DISTRIBUTION GROOVE helps promote long, even wear