American Highway
Carriers Association

Truck Tub

At Truck Tub, their goal is always to provide their customers with an exceptional truck wash at affordable prices. 
They hand scrub their customers vehicles and never use acids or caustics. These ingredients have made them
unique among the competition and is why they have enjoyed long term success.

Truck Tub offers AHCA members FREE towel drying with every tractor wash and FREE towel dry & spray wax with tractor/trailer combo wash at all of their sites. You must have a Truck Tub discount card to access this benefit. Call AHCA for cards.

Truck Tub has been generous enough to offer AHCA members a chance to earn a FREE tractor wash and towel dry. That's right FREE! To be eligible, you must bring one of the Truck Tub discount cards and pay for a tractor wash. Simply write your name and company name (LEGIBLY!) on the inyvoice and your name will be entered into that month's drawing.

Member Benefit: see above