American Highway
Carriers Association

AHCA is happy to offer its members access to commercial auto insurance with Williamsburg National Insurance Company and Lloyd’s of London. Through the program’s appointed agents, members have access to auto liability, physical damage and cargo coverages. The Lloyd’s program provides physical damage and cargo coverages. These programs include the following policy enhancements as listed below.

  • Towing Endorsement:

    Provides coverage for towing costs up to $1,000 allowing you to have the vehicle towed to a repair facility of your choice within 150 miles. However, the vehicle must be towed from the scene of the loss. No deductible applies.
  • Uninsured Motorists Property Damage:

    Provides up to $3,500 coverage for damages caused to your vehicle by an uninsured motorist. There must be an identified uninsured vehicle/driver for coverage to apply and all other applicable insurance would provide coverage first and foremost (i.e. physical damage).
  • Combined Deductible For Truck And Trailer:

    Combines the physical damage deductibles for truck and trailer in the event of a loss. Previous policies would charge an assigned deductible for the truck and the trailer separately.
  • Miscellaneous Equipment Coverage:

    Provides coverage for small tools (such as tarps, chains, tear downs, load separators and miscellaneous hand tools) that are damaged as a result of a loss, for a limit of $500 per tool and a total limit maximum of $2,500.
  • Rental Reimbursement Coverage:

    Provides payment for a rental unit of $175.00 per day up to 15 days for a maximum payment of $2,625.00. Physical damage coverage must be carried on the unit that suffers the loss in order for coverage to apply. No deductible applies.

This program is available exclusively through AHCA-endorsed agents. Contact AHCA for an agent in your area.

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