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Do I need to pay for Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance?
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Loss Prevention:

AHCA members have a great resource with Carrier's Safety Consultants (CSC). For those companies that have found themselves with tickets accidents and/or driver complaints, CSC can assist you in getting back on the road to a safer, more desireable operation.
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AHCA's Insider Report:
HIDDEN DANGERS Behind the wheel

We face them every day as drivers. Some of them are conscious choices, but all carry with them hidden dangers. When possible, we would like to shed some light on these scenarios to improve your chances of avoiding them.
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Long Beach Aquarium of The Pacific

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Meadowbrook Insurance Group has recently launched a new website containing a searchable library of Risk Management resources, including safety bulletins, safety programs, live streaming safety videos, industry news, and links to various federal and state regulatory agencies.

The website is www.Safetysurance.com and is available to all AHCA members. There is an informational flyer about Safetysurance located on the main page of the website, along with instructions regarding the registration process. A copy of this flyer will also be included with member packets.